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GoodCut Multiple Laser Cutting Machines

Author: Candy

With the continuous improvement of our production technology, we try our best to meet the requirement no matter what the customer raise. The following three laser machine is customized for customers and it they have been installed and are being sent to customers.

Medium sheet fiber laser cutting machines have always been favored by customers. This machine does not require expensive procurement costs to meet the processing needs, and it can realize what you want to cut on sheet metal. It is definitely the best choice for processing metal sheet metal parts.

Middle sheet fiber laser cutting machine 

Honeycomb tube welding bed, the inside of the tube is provided with reinforcing ribs to increase the strength and tensile strength of the bed, and effectively avoid deformation of the bed.

  • WIFI wireless control, remote fault detection. It is more convenient to maintain.

  • Fully automatic focusing laser head, freeing your hands and making focusing easier.

Flatbed fiber laser cutting machine

This sheet metal laser cutting machine is also one of the most sold cutting equipment. First of all, because of the cast iron bed, it ensures the cutting precision and cutting quality of the machine. Therefore, the laser cutting equipment is popular in the sheet metal processing industry.

  • Weighing 10 tons of cast iron bed, the machine has higher stability and good shock absorption.

  • YASKAW servo motor ensures good cutting accuracy of the laser machine.

  • Cast aluminum beam, high precision, fast speed and high efficiency.


Exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine

This exchange platform laser cutting machine with dual platform, makes loading and unloading more convenient. More time-saving and more efficient.

  • It adopts an up and down exchange platform and it is able to finish the platform exchanging within 15s.Without manual operation, it can focus automatically. Free your hand, making the focus simply.

  • The positioning accuracy of the machine tool can be 0.02mm and the cutting acceleration is 1.5G. The working life is up to 10 years.

The following is the scene of our machine delivery

Three different laser cutting machine with the blessings of our entire Oreelaser. They are coming to your arms. Thank you for your continued love and support for our laser machines. In the New Year, I wish we are getting better and better.

3060 fiber laser (3).jpgfiber laser (4).jpg



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