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Tips for buy a laser cutting machine

 At present, laser cutting technology is becoming more and more mature, it is with the speed, high precision, low running costs and other characteristics received the majority of enterprises love, although there are now many laser cutting machine manufacturers, but the market is mixed. So consumers must consider the following factors before buying.


Select laser cutting machine according to demand

    Before buying a laser cutting machine, the most important thing is to determine their own needs, according to the actual situation of their own business to determine, for example: the usual cutting thickness, cutting materials and the length of the material, to determine their usual use of power, generally high power cutting speed faster, but Chit to start from the actual situation, power consumption does not necessarily mean that it is good, if the low power to meet the needs of enterprises, then high power is a waste. In the choice of laser cutting machine performance, to give sufficient consideration to their own environment, the size of the laser power, which is very critical, if often cut in the 6mm below the metal sheet, then choose 500W-700W laser cutting machine can meet the needs of production, if cutting 6mm above the material will need to consider the power of a larger device, which is conducive to enterprise cost control.

Laser cutting machine manufacturer strength

    Determine the need to understand the market or to peers who have bought laser cutting machines there first look at the machine performance and basic parameters. Choose a few manufacturers with preferential prices and strength to communicate and sample in the early stages, later you can conduct a field trip, for the price of equipment, equipment training, payment methods, after-sales service and other more detailed discussions.The strength of the laser cutting machine manufacturer not only affects the quality but also determines the speed of delivery, the large factory delivery time can do a very good guarantee.The core parts of the laser cutting machine.
    Laser cutting machine core components include: laser head, water cooler, bed, CNC system, servo system, these components will directly affect the laser cutting machine cutting speed and accuracy, so in the purchase of these parts to identify whether the well-known brand, whether reliable. The laser head liked by consumers have IPG and Rekor, consumers can prefer these two types of laser head when buying.

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After-sales service

  Each manufacturer's after-sales service varies, and the length of the warranty varies. A laser cutting machine, no matter how well done, in the process of use will encounter a variety of problems, customers if they encounter unsolvable problems, the manufacturer can provide timely solutions is particularly important, so this is also an important factor to consider when buying a laser cutting machine. GoodCut laser provides pre-sales professional training and a full range of after-sales service, and actively respond to customer needs.



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