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About us

Jinan GoodCut CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd

Our company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of industrial laser  equipment,such as CNC router (4 axis, 5 axis) , laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, laser welding machines, laser engraving machines, plasma cutting machine, wood lathe and also 3D scanner. We are a professional provider of customized industrial laser application solutions. The sales network covers provincial capitals and municipalities across the country, and exports to more than 140 countries and regions including India, Russia, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

The meaning of “GoodCut”brand: Good Quality, Good Price, Good Service

Advantage one: Good Quality

1.15 engineers with more than 10 years working experience, have rich experience, can manufacture high precision machines; 

2.Three-day 72-hour testing machine inspection, after confirming that the machine has no quality problems, it will be shipped; 

3. 4 workers of quality inspection, three strict quality inspections to ensure that the machine has no quality problems.

Advantage two: Good Price

1. The factory manufactures about 500 machines per month, with a large sales volume. We have  long-term cooperation with parts suppliers, which can get advantageous parts prices, so the price of the machine is very competitive;

2. The company aims to develop long-term cooperation with new and old customers, and to give customers the best prices with the most sincere attitude.

Advantage three: Good Service

1. Equipped with English manual and operation video, explaining the operation steps in detail

2. Professional after-sales service staff, providing 24-hour online service consultation;

3. Provide free technical training and factory field operation teaching to eliminate customer worries.




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