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Fiber Laser Cutting Problems & Solutions

Author: Candy

During the metal laser cutting process, we may encounter various kinds of cutting issues. These poor cutting problems may seem inconspicuous, but sometimes they pose a great threat to the quality of our products. Next, I'll introduce you 10 common laser cutting problems and what causes them. If you want to find out solutions, please read on.

1. Produce drip-shaped small regular burrs

This burrs may be caused by the too low focus or the too high feed rate. In this case, we only need to raise the focus of the fiber laser cutting machine moderately or reduce its feed rate.

2. Long irregular burrs on the cut side

Causes may include nozzle misalignment, high focus, low air pressure, and low speed. Therefore, you’d better center the nozzle, lower focus, increase pressure, and accelerate.

3. Plasma gas generation on a linear section

It may be caused by low fiber laser power. At this time, you should immediately press the pause button to prevent the slag from splashing on the focusing mirror and increase the power at the same time.

4. Material is discharged from above

First, press the pause button right away. At  the same time, you should also increase fiber laser power, decrease feed rate, and decrease air pressure.

5. Bottom index line shifted & incision widened

The cause of such problems may be the feed rate of the fiber cutter is too high, the laser power is too low, the air pressure is too low, and the focus is too high.

6. Slag-like burrs on the bottom surface 

Just decrease feed rate, increase air pressure, and decrease focus.

7. Hard-to-remove metal burrs on the bottom surface 

There are four possible causes of this problem: high feed rate, low air pressure, impure gas, high focus. It is recommended to use an auxiliary gas with much higher purity.

8. Burr on only one side

A burr on only one side could be due to a misaligned or defective nozzle. Thus, we should center nozzle and even replace nozzle if necessary.

9. Rough cutting surface

When laser cutting metal materials, metal overheating will easily lead to rough cutting surfaces. So we should equip the laser cutting machine with a professional cooling device.

10. Craters

Metal rust, metal overheating, and impure metals can all cause craters. Therefore, we should choose metal materials carefully and use better quality metal sheets.

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