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About 3-in-1 Laser Welding Machine

Author: Candy

A 3-in-1 laser welding machine is a multifunctional laser machine combines laser cutting, laser welding and laser cleaning technology into single one. It eliminates the need for separate machines dedicated to each process, streamlining production processes and enhancing overall productivity.

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# Laser welding

How about the 3-in-1 laser welding capabilities? Take carbon steel as an example.

1.5KW 3-in-1 laser welder can cut 2-2.5mm carbon steel, 2KW 3-in-1 laser welder can cut 3-4mm carbon steel, while 3KW 3-in-1 laser welder can cut 5-6mm carbon steel.

# Laser cleaning

Generally speaking, the cleaning efficiency of 1.5KW 3-in-1 laser cleaning welding machine is 1.5 times of 1KW 3-in-one laser welding machine, 2KW is 1.5 times of 1.5KW, and 3KW is 1.5 times of 2kW. The cleaning width of 1kw three-in-one laser welder is 80mm. While the cleaning width of a special laser cleaning machine is 200mm. But we can customize the cleaning width up to 300mm.

# Laser cutting

The cutting edge of the 3-in-1 laser cutting welding machine is smooth and the cutting effect is good. But it can only cut in straight lines but not complex patterns. In addition, it cannot be processed in batches.

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How to switch modes between laser cutting, laser welding, and laser cleaning?

When switching between laser welding and laser cutting modes, the only thing to do is change the nozzle. Because both modes share a handheld laser welding head.

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However, when changing to the laser cleaning mode, we should change both nozzle and the focusing lens. Because the three-in-one nozzle is different from the special cleaning machine: the nozzle of the special cleaning machine is duckbill-shaped, while the three-in-one nozzle is round.

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What are the disadvantages of 3-in-1 laser welding machine?

1.The three-in-one fiber laser welding machine can meet the three major needs of laser cleaning, laser welding and laser cutting at the same time. It has a wide range of applications and high cost performance.
2.It has small volume and low freight. You can ship by air or by sea flexibly.
3.The 3-in-1 fiber laser welding machine is shipped without any installation requirements. So the customer can use the machine directly after receiving it.
4. There are many models, which can meet the different needs of customers, especially for customers who have volume requirements.
5. With simple structure, customers can quickly master the operation of 3-in-1 laser welder.
6. There are wheels at the bottom of the 3-in-one laser welding machine, which is flexible to move and is no limit to the processing location.

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