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GC6012 Cnc Router For Stone and Wood Engraving

600*1200mm working size
200mm rotary device
Water tank and cooling system for soft metal
Cast iron table



This rotary axis CNC machine is also one of 4 axis CNC router.  And the rotary device, as the fourth axis of the CNC router, it can replace the X axis or Y axis for cylindrical items processing, such as chair frames, stair frames, roman columns, columns, etc. Features 

1. The machine was designed with rotary device, which is mainly to process cylindrical workpieces, such as chair frames, stair frames, columns, posts, etc. 

2. The diameter and length of rotary device can be customized and the rotary device can be removed and designed to the position you want. 

3. Equipped with a water cooling spindle, and it’s speed can reach 24000rpm for per minute. 

4. The working size and the high of Z axis can be customized according to your requirements.




Effective working area


Table style

Aluminum T-slot table with PVC

Guide rail

Hiwin square linear guide rail

Driving method

Taiwan Original TBI Ball screw for X, Y,Z axis


1.5KW/2.2KW water cooling spindle


Shenzhen ET invert

Rotary device

200mm rotary device

Spindle speed


Motors and drivers

86BYG-450B stepper motors and MA860C Leadshine drivers

Control system

NCStuido control system

Water tank

Water tank & water sprayer for soft metal

Working Accuracy


Working speed


Traveling speed


Instruction format

G code * u00 * mmg * plt

Working voltage

AC220V, Single Phase, 50-60Hz

Air gun

Air gun for the dust

Standard Software

Artcam 2010

Compatible software

Type3/Castmate/Coreldraw/AutoCAD or other CAM/CAD software

Too sensor



English manual, Tool box, Tool sensor,etc.

Machine details:

Controller: DSP, Mach 3, Weihong controller etc.

Mach3DSP rich auto (4)

Guide Rails

HIWIN Guide Rail.

Fast running speed and strong bearing capacity.

Hiwin rails 30mm


Furniture industry: various types of doors, windows, cabinets, shelves, tables, chairs, sofas, couches, stools, benches, beds, desks, night stands, bunks, cupboard, tea boards Decoration industry: door frames, handrails, building columns, pillars, table legs, chair legs, photo frames, mirror frames, screens, lights, holiday decorations Craft industry: artworks, gifts, souvenirs, clock frames, stamps, badges, medals, trophies, holiday ornaments 

Advertising industry: advertising signs, logos, labels, 3D letters and numbers, double color boards, acrylic nameplates, company names, LED lights Mold industry: wood mold, foam mold and metal mold 

Musical instrument industry: 3D surface carving, shape cutting, guitar, bass, violin, viola, violoncello, erhu, and other string instrument 

Other: printed circuit boards, isolated materials, engraving or routing of home appliance enclosures, EVA packages of tools and devices, engraving or routing of the lining material of medical equipment, electronics or other containers


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