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GC1010 Co2 Laser Marking Machine For Nonmetal

Marking area: 110*110mm/ 200*200mm/300*300mm
Laser source: 80w 100w
Laser head: Galvenometer Head
Applicable Material: Plastic, wood, wedding card
Product description: wood, acrylic, plastic marking machine 80w/100w glass tube marker


GC1010 co2 Laser Marking Machine For Nonmetal

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ModelCO2 laser marking machine
Laser Power             20W/30W/50W/100W
Laser wavelength    10.64um                                                     
Laser repetition frequency20-100KHz
Marking area   110x110mm                                                 
Marking size optional110x110mm    200*200mm
Marking depth            ≤ 8mm                                                          
Linear speed

≤ 7000mm/s                                                                                

Min.Line width   


Repeatability   ±0.01mm                                                                           
Supported format   Support AI,PLT,DXF,BMP,JPG file,etc.
Power supplyAC 220V±10%/50Hz-60Hz,  AC110V optional    
Power consumption     Less than or equal to 4KW                                     
Laser cooling20W 30W 50 Air cooling    100W Water cooling


1.CO2 laser marking machine is equipped with China best quality laser source Dawei.(Coherent Synrad brand are optional too) and high-speed galvanometer scanning system,dedicated online flying coding control software,it can also meet the online high-speed (continuous dynamic) coding for the production line.

2.It can mark numbers, texts,symbols,graphics,such as conformity,production date,batch number on the products,combining with product traceability system integration.

3.The extensive equipment performance,competitive of working continuously for 24 hours makes it meet the demand of massive on-line industrialized production.

4.Widely used in many nonmetal materials,Such as eggs ,bamboo , double-color planks, boulder, horns, leather, crystal, wood, organic plastic, paper, film, wood, acrylic, plastic,ABS,PP etc.


CO2 desktop marking (10).jpg



1.high reliability, long continuous operation time,clear and complete printing.

2.Supported by rich software, enable to collect and manufacture various labels, nono-contact processing

3.Ensure original precision of the surface of work piece to the maximum limit.

4.Suitable for engraving on various materials,long time preser,simple installation and convenient

5.The optical system is fully sealed, it can prevent the dust the entering laser body and reduce the equipment failure rate.

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1. It is used in medicine, such as paper packaging box for medicine, glass packaging for

    medicine, etc
2. Applied in cosmetic industry, such as paper box, glass box, plastic box, etc
3.apply to the tobacco line, such as each cigarette to mark the area code
4. Food and beverage packaging
5.On the box of wine
6. Garment accessories
7. electronic components, such as capacitance on the upper mark of the certification mark
8. Chemical products
9. Label PVC water pipes on building materials
10.the manufacturer's LOGO text information

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