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GC-A26L Mini Wood Turning Lathe Machine Small Holes Drilling Machine

Whole cast iron bed;
500mm long * 250mm diameter
CNC Controller



GC-A26L Mini Wood Turning Lathe Machine Small Holes Drilling Machine

1. CNC Wood turning lathe machine is welded with seamless steel structure, which is high temperature annealing and vibrating stress relief, so the lathe body is stabilized and will not be deformed forever.

2. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation system, could adjust the turning speed at any time to solve the problem of materials’ vibration.

3. We could configure single spindle with two pcs cutter or one pc cutter, single spindle could configure chuck, two cutters could do rough turning and finish turning at the same time for high efficiency and surface quality.

4. High accuracy stepper motor, after program calculating, guarantee the exact processing size.

5. Taiwan Hiwin square rails and TBI precise ball screw, control the linear error effectively.

6. Easy operation, we can draw by autoCAD and other softwares, transfer the files to machine by a USB.

7. One time tool setting to finish the whole work piece.

processing diameter


Processing max length


Auto drilling

with or with thimble optional

Processing precision


Operating system

Special wood beads system we studyed

Whole machine power


Motor power



220V single phase, 50HZ

Proper Materials

All kinds wood


This machine is widely used in crafts industry, Bead, barrel, all kinds of buddha head pagoda, gourd pendant, hoist pieces, wood rhinoceroshorn cup, bowl, whip, cigarette holder, eggs, ashtray  scroll painting head.

Features of GC-A26L Mini Wood Turning Lathe Machine Small Holes Drilling Machine:

Stair pillars, curved circular, vases, table and chair legs, European furniture Roman pillars, wooden hangers and basins, cylindrical, conical, arc, spherical and other complex shapes of rotary wood products or semi-finished wood products. 


Applied Materials:  Bodhi, Bodhi root, mahogany, gold-rimmed nanmu, rosewood, mahogany, boxwood.

Applied Industries: Bead, barrel, all kinds of buddha heads, gourd pendant, hoist pieces, wood cup, bowl, whip, cigarette holder, eggs, ashtray, scroll painting head, pens and wine stoppers. 

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