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GC-FRA Fiber Laser Cutting Tube Machine with Auto loading

With rotary axis device
With Auto loading
Cutting tube
Raycus/MAX/IPG laser source
Cypcut controller
Product description: working size 220mm diameter and 6m length rotary device With pneumatic chuck


GC-FRA Fiber Laser Cutting Tube Machine with Auto loading

Parameter of GC-6022FR Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for 6-12m H L C Round Square Type Pipe Tube:

Product Name

Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Cutting Material

Carbon Steel tube/ Stainless Steel/ Aluminum, etc



Laser source

MAX / Raycus / IPG

Laser head


PLC system


Driving system and engine


Rack & Guide rail


After sale service

2 years

Place of Product

Shandong Province, China

Electricity requirements

380 / 50.60 V / Hz

1. This pipe/ tube laser cutting machine has the function of automatic positioning: only need to feed manually to complete the cutting, it is an ideal, efficient and convenient cutting machine for metal pipe laser cutting.

2. The pipe/ tube laser cutting machine covers a small area, the structure of the pipe/ tube laser cutting machine is precise and beautiful, and the work is solid and firm.

3. High precision: Adopt imported IPG laser source to ensure good laser beam quality. The cutting square/ round tube length of the pipe/ tube laser cutting machine can reach 6/8 meters, cutting pipe diameter of 20-200mm /20-300mm. Adjustable with scale and good cutting quality.

4. Suitable for thin pipe laser cutting, coat hanger tube, mop pipe, mosquito net pipe, curtain tube and so on.

5. Fast speed: no deformation and burr of incision, the speed of the square tube laser cutting machine is up to 1 second spent on each cutting.

6. The pipe/ tube laser cutting machine has better effect in cutting thin circular pipes, with super low cost, no noise and no dust.

7. High flexibility: There are many types of cutting pipes, such as round pipe, square tube, flat tube and so on. The square tube laser cutting machine can also support three dimensional machining such as pipe laser cutting, punching, hollow carving and bevel cutting.

8. Equipped with multiple different auxiliary gas inputs, automatic conversion of high and low pressures and different gases.


1. Widely used in cutting stainless steel,carbon steel, manganese steel, spring steel, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate, brass, copper and other metal material.

2. Ultra-high type, special metal material cutting.

3. Used for metal round, square tube, L shaped metal, H Shaped metal, etc


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