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GC1530F Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Machine price: 11000$-20000$
Working area:1500*3000mm
Laser source: raycus/MAX/IPG
Laser power:1KW-12KW
Motor and driver: Japan fuji / Yaskawa
Control system: cypcut


GC1530F fiber laser cutting machine for cutter carbon steel and stainless steel

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Working area

1500*3000mm/ 1500*4000mm/ 1500*6000mm/ 2000*3000mm/ 2000*4000mm/ 2000*6000mm/ 3000*6000mm/ 2000*12000mm

Laser power

1000W/ 1500W/ 2000W/ 3000W/ 4000W/ 6000W/ 8000W/ 10000W/ 12000W/ 20000W

Laser source

MAX/ Raycus/ IPG



Motor driver

Japan FUJI/ Yaskawa servo motor driver

Repeated positioning accuracy


Max moving speed


Max acceleration



Rack and gear, double drive on Y axis

Power consumption



380V, 50HZ/60HZ, 3 phase

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1. All IML-In mould label are safe and poison free with the international standard;

2. Multiple color patterns can be easily finished in one process;

3. You can add high values to the products to get vivid patterns and colors;

4. Strong adhesion and wear resistance after transfer printing, it can also increase the value of the product and strengthen the competitive ability of the market;

5. Widely used in food industry, paint industry, household industry etc.

 fiber laser cutter (21)Product Application

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Product Description

The series of pioneer GC-3015F  laser cutting machine offers power ranges between 2000W to 15000W. 

One of the most efficient machine technologies for rapid sheet metal cutting which can cut the thickness for 50mm or less. 

1. Saving Material ---- CNC control, it can cut the material in different shapes, improve the utilization rate and reduce waste.
2.Easy Programme ----high accuracy, cut to shape without molding, smooth finish, eliminating the process for edge modification.
3. Save Investment for Molding ---- Laser cutting without molding, eliminating the cost for molding and repair, save time, resulting in less manufacturing cost, reduce the cost of goods sold, particularly suitable for processing parts in large-size.
4. Protecting Environment ---- working area for laser cutting is fully enclosed, low noise, is clean, safe, free of pollution, totally improve the working condition and environment.

 thick metal sample (5)

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