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GC2513 Full Automatic Heating Vacuum Membrane press Machine For Cabinet Sliding Door Wall Furniture

Model: GC2513VM
Heating mode: Heating up and down
Heating system: Iron air dry electric heating tube+Aluminum heat sinks
Table: Double working tables
Product description: membrane machine pvc vacuum press


GC2513 Full Automatic heating vacuum membrane press machine for cabinet sliding door wall furniture

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1,This machine has fully automatic functions, easy operation and high production efficiency.

2,Waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, especially indoor decoration, no pollution, no odor, easy to install, beautiful and elegant, is the ideal equipment for the furniture decoration industry.

3,High quality vacuum pump, reliable quality and stable performance.

4,Double gas path double-enlarged gas storage tank, uniform suction, PVC film is not easy to damage.

5,The bottom heating is combined with heating, the temperature rises rapidly, and the workpiece is heated uniformly.

6,High quality inverter rack drive, the start is close to easing, and the drive is even without slip.

7,Automatic film cutting, PVC film incision uniform, simple operation, save film, save time.

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2513 Double working tables wood door MDF vacuum laminating machine



Work table dimension

2500*1110*1250mm(the inside diameter)

Maximum processing height

60mm,include buttom plate

Rated pressure


Total power


Actual power consumption




Power supply


Heating system

Iron air dry electric heating tube+Aluminum heat sinks

Temperature control system

Microcomputer time proportional control, accurate temperature

without harmonic pollution


Aluminum housing efficient motor + rack drive

Vacuum pump

Domestic well - known brand straight rotary vane vacuum pump


Large flow filter + pure copper solenoid valve, with multiple adsorption function

heat preservation

Using high quality rock wool

Electrical control

Domestic well-known brands of industrial electrical parts, traditional button control


 Reinforced wooden case


One year, free technical support service for all life

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Various imitation high-grade wood, anti-leather PVC mask, surface decoration for all kinds of panel furniture, sound, decorative materials, etc., suitable for surface convex and concave patterns, linear and various edges

This machine is used for laminate PVC OR Transfer film material on various  kinds of panel furniture, door, cabinet, decorate panel and various kind of tabnormal shape worlpieces  also to laminate ,veneer, on door core withextra silicon plate.

It is intended for laminate doors, kitchen and furniture facades, different furniture units with PVC films and veneer, with the help of heat and vacuum technique system. As result you will receive product with long life use and the same time with elegant and inclusive surface.
It is applicable to cover furniture, sound box, cabinets, relief door, decorative panels and all kinds of baroque decorative surfaces with PVC films and natural veneer and hot stamping foils.

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